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The development of automotive parts and components is still very popular in the international market.


There are many kinds of automotive parts, only a small part of which is special hardware stamping parts, and most of the others are standard hardware stamping parts. It is precisely because of the high quality and reliability requirements of automobiles, so the automotive stamping parts produced in our country can not fully reach the level of localization. Now car special hardware stamping machines, such as cylinder head bolts, tyre special bolts, connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, power transfer machinery special bolts and chassis suspension bolts, and many others, some of which still need to use imports. But from the current development trend, our country should also have its own hardware stamping products for our own use. In the future, the development of automobile stamping machine must be based on our domestic, but the first thing is to meet certain requirements of performance and technology.

With the continuous improvement of die manufacturing technology in recent years, China's stamping die manufacturing industry is becoming more and more sophisticated, slowly catching up with some developed countries. The main content of development is: the sustainable development of products is in the direction of complex, large-scale, precision and rapid economic development, the technology is also constantly improving, and the second manufacturing cycle is also faster than before. It has shortened a lot, so our automobile stamping parts will certainly develop towards digital, high-speed, information, automation and refinement. It is also because the stamping die produced in our country is cheaper than that in other developed countries, so our market development in the international market is very popular.

1. Complete trademark marking: Regular automobile stamping parts should have clear handwriting on the outer packaging, the packaging is intact, and the overprint color should also be very distinct. Packing boxes and bags should be clearly marked with important information such as specifications, models, registered trademarks, product names, number of important factory names and address telephone numbers. Some more formal manufacturers will engrave their own logos on the accessories they produce. Some particularly important equipment, such as distributors, generators and fuel injection pumps, must be equipped with certificates, instructions and inspectors'seals, which can correctly guide customers to use and maintain the equipment. Therefore, we must carefully identify when choosing and purchasing, in order to avoid buying fake and inferior products.

2. How about the integrity of the bonded parts: because of the process of storage and handling, the general parts will bump and vibrate, resulting in bad conditions such as cracks, indentations and burrs in the bonded parts, which will affect the use effect of the parts in the future. So we must check carefully when choosing and purchasing.

Whether there is rust on the surface of automotive parts or not: Everyone knows that the surface of qualified automotive stamping parts has both precision and bright cleanliness, and the more important the parts are to the users, the higher the accuracy will be, so it is more important and strict to pay attention to anti-rust and anti-corrosion when packaging. This point should also be paid special attention when shopping outside. If this situation is found, we must contact the manufacturer in time to return and exchange the goods.

4. Whether the protective layer of spare parts is damaged or not: Generally, when automobile stamping parts leave the factory, they will be coated with a protective layer on their surface. We often have piston pins, while bearing bushes are protected by paraffin, but cylinder liners and piston rings will be coated with rust-proof oil and then wrapped with special packaging paper. For example, piston valves, they must be soaked in rust-proof oil beforehand and then plasticized. Packing in bags. If we find that the seal sleeve is broken or the packing paper is damaged, and the paraffin and rust-proof oil are not in good condition, we should immediately apply with the manufacturer for refund and exchange.

Whether the rotating parts are flexible or not: when we choose and buy the rotating parts of automobile stamping parts like oil pump, we should first rotate the pump shaft with our hands, feeling flexible or not. When choosing rolling bearings, we first need one hand to support the inner ring of the bearing, and the other hand to rotate the outer ring. If the outer ring can rotate freely and quickly, then it will slowly. Stop, that means it's okay. If the flexible situation is found in the process of rotation, it must be that the internal parts are deformed or corroded, and must not be purchased.

Inspection of whole parts: Since it is called whole parts, it must be that all parts are complete, because only in this way can normal operation and early complete assembly be guaranteed. Because there will inevitably be individual small parts in the whole part, but if the small parts are lost due to our inspection negligence, it will cause the whole part to be unable to work and scrapped.


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