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What is the material selection principle of automobile stamping parts?


Material Selection Principle of Automotive Stamping Parts

When choosing materials, the metal materials with different mechanical properties are selected according to the stamping type and use characteristics of automobiles, so as to ensure product quality and save materials.

Usually, the following principles should be followed when choosing materials for automotive stamping parts:

A Selected materials should first meet the performance requirements of automotive parts;

B The selected material should have better technological properties.

C. The material selected should be economical.

Material Selection of Automobile Stamping Parts Should Be Reasonable

A large number of cold stamping processes have been adopted in the production of automobile stamping parts, which are suitable for the needs of multi-variety and mass production of automobile stamping parts industry. In medium and heavy trucks, most of the panels, such as body panels, and some load-bearing and supporting parts, such as frame, carriage and other automotive parts, are automotive stamping parts. The steel used for cold stamping is mainly steel sheet and strip, accounting for 72.6% of the total steel consumption of the vehicle. The cold stamping material is closely related to the production of automobile stamping parts. The quality of materials not only determines the performance of products, but also directly affects the process design of automobile stamping parts, and affects the quality, cost, service life and production organization of products. Therefore, the rational selection of materials is one of the most important factors. An important and complex task.

We found that metal stamping parts processing surplus material utilization value is also great!

1. The surplus material produced by shearing or stamping can be used in the production of small-sized parts to reduce the use of normal sheet metal and improve the utilization rate of materials.

2. Sort and sell the larger flat materials separately. For large plates of useful value, if they cannot be used by themselves, they can be sold according to categories, so as to improve the value of waste sales and increase revenue.

3. Provide surplus material to supporting manufacturers for belt processing. For enterprises with matching manufacturers, they can also supply the available sheet materials to matching manufacturers, adopt incoming processing methods, reduce procurement costs and increase revenue.


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