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Do you know how automobile stamping parts are processed?


The application of stamping parts processing technology is more and more extensive. Many parts, including tools, are stamped by machines. Like the lampshade of automobile, we all know that the shape of lampshade is elliptical. The parts of this shape are not easy to produce. By using stamping technology, they can be realized very well.

Then how to do the stamping process? First, get the stamping part, observe its edge line, along the edge wire, use the machine to separate the stamping part from the blank. After the separation is successful, the stamping blank can be stretched or bent according to the customer's needs, making a fixed shape, and then forming.

How to distinguish the authenticity of automotive stamping parts?

1. See if the assembly parts are missing. Normal assembly parts must be complete and intact in order to ensure smooth assembly and normal operation.

2. See if the geometric dimensions are deformed. Some parts are easily deformed due to improper manufacture, transportation and storage.

3. See if the joint is smooth. In the process of handling and storage, parts often produce burrs, indentations, damages or cracks in the joint due to vibration and knocking, which affect the use of parts. When choosing and purchasing, attention should be paid to inspection.

4. See if there is rust on the surface of the parts. The surface of qualified spare parts has both a certain accuracy and bright brightness. The more important the spare parts are, the higher the accuracy, the stricter the anti-rust and anti-corrosion of packaging.

5. See if the protective surface is in good condition. Most parts are coated with protective coating when they leave the factory.

6. See if the glued parts are loose. Parts consisting of two or more parts are assembled by pressing, gluing or welding, and loosening is not allowed between them, such as oil pump plunger and adjusting arm are assembled by pressing; clutch driven wheel and steel sheet are riveted together, friction sheet and steel sheet are riveted or glued; paper filter core framework and filter paper are glued together; The wire ends of the equipment are welded. If looseness is found in the purchase, it should be replaced.

7. See if the rotating parts are flexible. When choosing the assembly of rotating parts such as oil pump, the pump shaft should be rotated by hand, so as to be flexible and without sticking; when choosing rolling bearing, one hand supports the inner ring of the bearing, the other hand rotates the outer ring, and the outer ring should rotate freely and quickly, and then stop gradually. If the rotating parts do not rotate properly, it means that the interior is rusted or deformed. Don't buy it.

8. See if the logo is complete. The packaging quality of authentic products is good, the handwriting on the packaging box is clear, and the overprint color is bright.


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