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Talking about the matters needing attention when using automobile sheet metal parts?


Stamping drawing oil for automobile sheet metal belongs to metal processing oil, which is suitable for ultra-high strength stretching forming, drawing tube stamping forming, punching and shearing, broaching, etc. Stamping and drawing oils are divided into water-soluble, metal and aluminum stamping and drawing oils.

1. The greasy property of stamping drawing oil: this is the serious effect of drawing oil, and the poor greasy property will lead to workpiece splitting, plate and metal sintering, product scratches, severe wear and tear of die, loss of die life.

2. Cooling property of drawing oil for stamping: There are many identities of heat generated in stamping process, the heat of conflict between die and data, and the heat of plastic deformation of data are all expressed by means of processing heat. When automobile parts are especially processed parts with disorderly shapes or materials with high resistance to plastic deformation, the heat will be more intense. If this heat is not removed or inhibited, the heat will accumulate on the die, which will make the temperature of the die continuously rise, the die further expand, and the space between the punch and the die will be reduced, conflicts and imposed on the data. The stress will increase, some of them will suffer from high temperature, even slippery putty film cracking, which will then constitute sintering, pulling and cutting faults. In this environment, the use of water-soluble punching oil may or may inhibit the onset of heat, especially in the areas of high-speed continuous behavioral processing and high-speed continuous automated processing, deep drawing of stainless steel or high-speed processing of easy-to-pull cans, and more use of water-compatible punching oil with good cooling.

3. Anti-rust property of stamping drawing oil: Parts processed by stamping are usually left intact for a long time. In order to keep them from rusting during the period of abandonment, we beg for excellent anti-rust property of stamping drawing oil. Because the greasy oil used in stamping process has strong adsorbability, it adheres to the oil film which is difficult to damage on the metal surface, so it has the anti-rust effect if it is abnormal. However, its role is based on the nature of greasy oil and processing conditions are not abnormal and not abnormal, other parts are also based on the abandoned environment is not abnormal and not abnormal, so in the harsh environment and storage time forever, the anti-rust of oil begged for higher.

4. Weldability of drawing oil with oil in stamping: In order to simplify the process and improve the power, it is necessary to beg for drawing oil to have the effect of welding with oil without washing. Occasionally, automotive stampings rust locally during welding due to the adhesion of drawing oil. Some oils produce harmful gases during welding and affect welding strength. The above results do not occur during oil-bearing welding after stamping, which is abnormally serious for drawing oil.

5. Degreasing (washability) of drawing oil for stamping: It is attached to drawing oil for stamping parts. It is also one of the serious characteristics to select detergents and washing methods that can be or may be cleaned to end the washing process. The cost of washing is cheap and degreasing can be done in a very short time. Washing of stamping parts is not clean, which will affect the spraying and electroplating of the later process.

6. Manipulability of stamping drawing oil: Before stamping, brushing the drawing oil on the processing sheet at the necessary time and labor is harmful to the immediate power, so the brief end of the operation also becomes a nature of begging for the drawing oil. Especially for large standard parts, this nature is particularly serious, if from the point of view of maneuverability, even though the use of low viscosity drawing oil.

As for stamping process, there will be a lot of heat in the stamping process, which can make the workpiece deform, seriously affecting the accuracy of the workpiece. Therefore, not only greasy and cooling effect but also extreme pressure and anti-wear effect of stamping oil should be taken into account when deciding stamping oil. If the cutting extreme pressure and anti-wear effect of the resolution is too low, then the data may constitute the role of poor shaping. Therefore, the stamping oil with good extreme pressure and anti-wear effect is selected for precision stamping or ultra-precision stamping.

In the resolution of stamping oil, besides the effect of lubricity and cooling of stamping oil, the effect of rust resistance, cost and easy protection of stamping oil should also be considered for automobile sheet metal parts. Stamping oil is easy to choose base oil with relatively low viscosity as antiwear additive, which can not only achieve greasy antifriction, but also have excellent cooling and easy to worry about. However, the results of stamping oil are low flash point, high temperature, easy deformation, high risk factor, fast evaporation, and corresponding higher user cost. Therefore, even if the conditions permit, the stamping oil with high compression and wear resistance is selected.


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