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You know what technology should be used if you want to repair automobile sheet metal parts?


The application of automobile sheet metal technology in all walks of life has brought us a lot of convenience. In addition to the daily use of various sheet metal parts, sheet metal chassis cabinets and other daily sheet metal products, sheet metal technology has also been applied in many aspects of life. The repair of automobile sheet metal parts is an important part of it.

Despite how to cherish, cars are always injured in one way or another because of human or objective factors. For example, when driving on the highway, the falling rocks hit the roadside mountain, collision during driving, and other people's intentional or unintentional damage may cause scratches or dents on the car surface.

You know what technology to use if you want to repair it?

In order to repair, automobile sheet metal technology is needed. Automobile sheet metal is a kind of automobile repair technology with high technical content and requirements. Through a series of processes, automobile can be restored to its original appearance without any defects.

Even if the impact damage of the car is large and the head of the car has a large area of depression, it can be repaired by sheet metal technology, but it needs professional advanced equipment and equipment and experienced and skilled mechanics to operate.

The application of sheet metal processing technology in automobile body repair has been well known by many people. The common work of repairing automobile body when its outer panel is damaged is to repair automobile body. Relevant data show that 70% of the repairing problems are the damage of automobile body outer panel. We generally use sheet metal hammer, cushion iron and other maintenance tools to repair automobile body outer panel. The repairing process is also common, but the repairing quality of the two processes is not very high and the efficiency is relatively low. 70% of the daily damage should be completed on the same day, but the repairing quality is very poor when the above process is used in 2-3 days. How to achieve the high efficiency and high quality of sheet metal repair of automobile body outer panel requires revolutionary automobile body repair combination tools, which have great advantages with traditional repair tools.

Components of a combination tool for rapid body maintenance and high performance shape repair machine: Word repair machine is equipped with a variety of combination tools, which can complete welding of various gaskets, OT sheets, triangles, studs, snake-shaped wires and other mesons. It also has the function of fire suppression, one-sided spot welding, stable welding current and convenient welding operation. It can fulfill the technological requirements of most welding machines. It is a relatively advanced welding repair machine, which has brought a qualitative leap to sheet metal processing.

Powerful Drawing Combination Tool: Designed for harder sheet metal parts, simple jacking principle is adopted, with various supporting feet, which can be drawn according to different positions; Drawing range can be adjusted arbitrarily, with locking function, and other actions can be carried out conveniently at the same time; Drawing force is strong enough to basically meet the fast speed of sheet metal parts outside the body. Drawing maintenance.

There are many repair combination tools mentioned above. We will not introduce them one by one. In actual operation, they need to use some auxiliary tools to achieve very good results, such as sheet metal sliding hammer, stretching pointer, gasket pull rod, stretching gasket, carbon rod and so on.

Good tools, coupled with a good sheet metal processing master, your car is not worried about restoring its original state or even more beautiful. The application of sheet metal technology in automobiles is really a good news for car lovers. Nevertheless, let me remind you that the best way is not to use superb sheet metal technology, but to drive carefully to avoid accidents and scratches.


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